• Life’s Obstacles Challenge Us to Grow.

    Grow Through Connection…

    In Our Intimate Relationships,

    With Our Children,

    In Our Families, and with…


    ~Move Forward and Grow~

    Welcome to North Atlanta Psychotherapy!

    Does life feel shaky and out of control? Do you want to overcome your obstacles rather than feel overwhelmed or paralyzed by them? Are you ready to learn to grow through life’s challenges by finding connection to others and yourself? Now is the time to move forward and grow!

    "Learn to grow through life’s challenges by finding connection to others and yourself."

    We specialize in Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders, and Life Transitions.


    You’ve probably been on the fence about trying to find a therapist.  Your friends and family members may have even suggested therapy for you, couples counseling, or therapy for your child. It can be scary to think about taking the first step to find a therapist and then having to open up about what is bothering you in therapy. “Will they judge me”? “Will they understand me”? “Can they truly help my child”?

    We are waiting to greet you at the door and help you ease into therapy.  Our therapists will patiently and carefully listen, to help you as you both discover what is causing you to suffer and struggle. Soon in therapy, you will begin to recognize underlying problems, unhealed wounds, and unresolved issues so you can fully realize your strengths and take back your life back.

    Specialized Therapy

    Each psychotherapist is highly trained and experienced in certain therapy specialities. Specialization is important, because you need to know that your particular issues will be treated by a seasoned and experienced professional who has dedicated a vast amount of time and energy into understanding and treating your specific problems.

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