• Play Therapy for Children

    Play Therapy for Children

    Meet Kristin Coggin - Registered Play Therapist (RPT)

    You've probably tried everything up to this point. You've looked into almost every resource for your child you can think of. You've thought about talking to other moms for support only to find yourself insecure or doubting that they will understand. Even worse, you fear they might judge you or your child. If you have already talked to another parent looking for support, maybe their answers weren't helpful, because their child doesn't have the same issue(s). You feel stuck and worried about your little one's behavior, his development, her ability to connect with others, or his inability to control his impulses. Have you tried Play Therapy for children?

    What is Play Therapy?

    Play therapy is a form of therapy designed with the intent to help children on their level. Play therapy for children is a system with a large number of treatment methods that apply the therapeutic benefits of play. Play therapy helps children to address and resolve your child's specific problems and builds on the natural way children learn about themselves and their relationships in the world around them. Play therapy for children is not just letting your child play and color in the therapy office to fill time or just have fun. Play therapy for children uses specific types of play techniques that focus on your child's main issue. Play is the way in which children express themselves and understand the world around them. By using sand trays, toys, art, and other creative expressive techniques children are able to experiment, problem solve, express themselves, gain self-confidence in every day activities. Play is the language and Therapy is the conversation.

    APT) is the premier professional organization that specializes in training mental health professionals to skillfully use play therapy for children. The APT defines play therapy as the clinical use of play techniques by play therapists "to help clients prevent or resolve psychosocial difficulties and achieve optimal growth and development.”

    How Does Play Therapy Help?

    Play therapy for children helps your child:

    • Become more responsible for their behaviors and develop more successful strategies
    • Develop new and creative solutions to problems
    • Develop respect and acceptance of self and others
    • Learn to experience and express emotion
    • Cultivate empathy and respect for thoughts and feelings of others
    • Learn new social skills and relational skills with family
    • Develop self-efficacy and a better assuredness about their abilities

    What Conditions Does Play Therapy Treat?

    • Trauma
    • Grief and loss
    • ADHD
    • Anxiety and fear
    • Social problems
    • Anger
    • Impulsivity
    • Academic issues

    Who is Play Therapy For?

    Play Therapy is typically provided for children ages 3-12. This age range is most common because of the way in which children at this stage of development interact with the world around them. However, it is not uncommon for teens and adults to benefit from recreation and play techniques. Children who may have difficulty expressing thoughts and feelings related to trauma, divorce, anger, anxiety, sadness, and socialization can benefit from Play Therapy. Ultimately, Play Therapy offers an avenue to connect with a child's inner world to unlock understanding of how and why they are operating. With this knowledge, a seasoned Play Therapist is not only able to understand and treat your child, they can also you help you to finally find the ways to garner hope about your child's future.

    If you’re interested in learning more about play therapy for children and how it can help your child grow, contact us today and be connected with our play therapist.

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